2014 Cambridge Open Studios
2013 Cambridge Art Fair – Aceo Gallery - ‘Conflict and Interaction’ artworks of oak
2012 ‘Warm Your Soul’ Exhibition at Frameworks Cottenham Gallery
2012 Joint exhibition with Helen Naylor at Frameworks Cottenham Gallery
2011 Art At The Manor House exhibition in Great Cambourne Cambridge
2011 Stamford Arts Centre in Stamford – ‘Being British’, a contextual and contemporary exhibition – ‘Conflict and Interaction’ artworks of oak.
2010 Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge - Degree show - Exhibited an installation made from sculpted polystyrene inspired by the natural world and it's interaction with man.
2007/10 Fine Art Degree (Hons) from The Cambridge School of Art.
2009 Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge - Curated an exhibition 'No Floor Space' featuring wall mounted Sculpture. The artworks aimed to challenge the preconception of sculpture as a predominantly floor-based art form, through adapting these artist's ideas to the specific context of the Ruskin Balcony space. It was an exploration of the natural world, space, time, and a challenge to the perceived values and accepted views of contemporary Fine Art practice.
2009 Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge - Curated a photographic exhibition 'Vignette'. Vignette looks beyond the traditional portrait to raise issues of identity, beauty, the gaze, voyeurism, pressure to conform, and a sense of place.
2009 Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge – ‘Gaia’, a wall mounted sculpture.
2009 Cambridge School of Art exhibition at Anglia Ruskin University of a series of small sculptural works
2009 London Art Fair - "Mariah" Short-listed for The Noilly Prat International Sculpture Prize.
2008 A Site Specific exhibition in the grounds of the Cambridge Campus of Anglia Ruskin University
2008 Exhibition at Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge of ‘Ants’
2008 Exhibition of small Perspex sculptures at Anglia Ruskin University
2007 Site Specific Sculpture Exhibition at Hinchingbrooke Park, Huntingdon
2006/7 Foundation Degree at Cambridge Regional College
2006 Cambridge Open Studios
2005 Cambridge Open Studios